Sunday, April 01, 2012

Gazans continue to suffer from Hamas' fuel crisis

Three children died in a house fire in Gaza when their portable heater exploded. A fourth is in critical condition.

Qatar is said to be shipping 25,000 tons of diesel for Gaza's power plant; the fuel is on its way to El Arish and is expected to arrive in a couple of days. No word on how Egypt would transfer it to Gaza, however.

Otherwise, nothing's changed. Hamas has clamped down on any complaints about the crisis so no one is blaming Hamas. Even AFP has gone back to reporting on the crisis without mentioning its origins in Hamas' political decisions.

Ambulances have no fuel.

Hamas is playing a waiting game with its citizens, and so far, it is winning - because no one in the Arab world has the guts to publicly castigate them for their role in this crisis.