Thursday, April 12, 2012

Muslims continue to freak over Jews peacefully visiting Temple Mount

Every day this week, Jews visited the Temple Mount - and every day this week there were angry articles about those visits in the Arab media.

Today, the last day of Chol HaMoed Pesach, Muslims called for thousands of their people to go there are prevent Jews from doing any "Talmudic rituals." Specifically they called for "an extensive and significant presence to counter any attempt of desecration by Jewish extremist groups that have continued to storm the mosque today....They called upon the citizens who have access to the city of Jerusalem to be present early in the mosque to deal with the settlers and thwart their plans."

Here is one of their photos of those terrible Jewish "settlers" desecrating their holy spot. Simply because they are Jewish.

Their press releases go on to charge that Israel is planning to divide the Temple Mount, either into Jewish and Muslim areas or by banning Muslims to be there altogether at certain times of the day or year.

Because this week showed a strengthening of the Jewish presence on the holiest Jewish site, here's a video that is appropriate for the occasion.

Rejoice with Jerusalem, be glad about her,
be glad all you that love her,
all who love her.

On your walls, Oh city of David
I have stationed watchmen,
all day and night.


Do not fear, my servant Jacob,
for your enemies shall be scattered before you.


Look about you and behold; see all
as they are all gathering and coming unto you.


And your people
are all holy
and forever shall inherit the land.