Monday, December 24, 2012

Hamas lie of the day

Hamas' spokesman, Abu Obeida, responded to Human Rights Watch's charges that they target civilians by simply denyng it.

While he admitted that the Hamas rockets aren't accurate enough to target precisely, he claimed that all of Hamas' rockets are aimed at military sites.

Now, compare what Hamas says now with its press release on the last day of the fighting last month (excerpts):

The Al Qassam Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the following jihad tasks :
Day: Wednesday Date: 07 Muharram 1434, corresponding to 11/21/2012
Details :
- At 01:55 we bombed occupied "Ashdod" with 5 Grad rockets.
- At 04:30 we bombed occupied "Ashdod" with a makeshift rocket.
- At 09:45 we bombed occupied "Beersheba" with a Grad rocket.
- At 10:15 we bombed "Kiryat Malachi" with 3 Grad rockets.
- At 10:15 we bombed "Sderot" with a Qassam rocket.
- At 11:07 we bombed "Nir Yitzhak" with 3 Katyusha rockets.
- At 11:18 we bombed "Kiryat Malachi" 7 Grad rockets.
- At 11:10 we bombed "Kissufim" with two mortars.
- at 13:50 we bombed occupied "Beersheba " with 4 Grad rockets.
- at 15:20 we bombed troop concentrations in the military location of "Nahal Oz" with two mortar shells caliber.
- at 19:50 the bombing of "Ofakim" with a Grad missile.

This brings the number of rockets fired by the Qassam Brigades towards enemy positions since the beginning of the aggression to 1573 rockets.

This comes in the context of responding to the Zionist crimes and massacres committed against civilians and the bombing of houses over the heads of their inhabitants what led to the martyrdom and injury of dozens of innocent citizens

The Qassam Brigades committed itself to turn the life of Zionists into hell, and make them regret their heinous crimes against the innocent and crush their pride and to soak their noses in the dirt.
They also published numerous posters glorifying their ability to make ordinary Israelis run into shelters, which is consistent with their stated goal of - literally - terrorizing ordinary Israelis.

But if they repeat the lie that they only target military sites often enough, the media will start believing it.